Business Advice Clinic Podcasts on UpStarts

Business Advice Clinic Podcasts on UpStarts, Dublin City FM

The UpStarts Business Advice Clinic Shows airs on the last Friday of every month on Dublin City 103.2 FM at 1:30pm.

Turn On. Tune In. Start Up.

Distinctions and UpStarts have teamed up to offer monthly Business Advice Clinics, where listeners can email in their business questions and get helpful hints and tip, on air, the last Friday of every month at 1:30pm on Dublin City 103.2 FM.

Tune in each week as we look at what is new and innovative in the city, and talk the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship at all levels.   If you would like to submit a question for our next show, you can submit it via or private message via Facebook or email Your privacy will be respected and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Podcasts of past shows;


24th April 2015 – Listen to podcast 101 – Kick-starting you motivation in business and life

27th March 2015 – Listen to podcast 97 – The importance of distribution and route to market choices

28th February 2015 – Listen to podcast 93 – Business planning made simple

30th January 2015 – Listen to podcast 89

19th December 2014 – Listen to podcast 85 – A year in review

28th November 2014 – Listen to podcast 82 – The power of networking

31st October 2014 – Listen to podcast 78 – Branding and Communications

26th September 2014 – Listen to podcast 74 – Making selling effortless

29th August 2014 – Listen to podcast 70 – Time management

25th July 2014 – Listen to podcast 65 – Creating awareness, sales, upskilling

27th June 2014 – Listen to podcast 61- Raising funds, upside of failure, succession planning, re-branding…

23rd May 2014 – Listen to podcast 56 – Cash-flow, competition, managing talent, missed opportunities…

25th April 2014 – Listen to podcast 52 – Business plans, negative reviews, growing pains, work life balance

28th March 2014 – Listen to podcast 48 – Setting up a project for success, running out of cash

28th February 2014 – Listen to podcast 44 – Viability study, marketing without a budget, getting connected

31st January 2014 – Listen to podcast 40 – Hints and tips from Get Biz Fit competition entries

14th January 2014 – Listen to podcast 38 – Highlights and speeches from the Get Biz Fit for 2014 Event

29th November 2013 – Listen podcast 33 – Virtual teams, finding supporters, motivation…

25th October 2013 – Listen to podcast 28 – The day job, tax advice, teams, relocating, family biz

27th September 2013 – Listen to podcast 24 – Idea overload, weaknesses,shaking up, stress, contractors…

20th August 2013 – Listen to podcast 20 – Seasonal business, staff engagement, managing risk…

20th July 2013 – Listen to podcast 15 – Planning, networking, priorities, recruitment, biz skills…


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