Employee Learning & Development

Employee learning and development programmes, workshops and training are pro-active initiatives for optimising organisational capabilities.

Training Programmes

We offer programmes that are practical in focus, deliver high impact and are easy to implement. Offering more in-depth learning than workshops, these programmes typically range between 4 and 10 days in length. We have pre-designed programmes to meet common workplace learning needs. We can also customise programmes to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Two of our most popular programmes include;


Workshops are ideal for focused skills building. They range from a half day to 3 days. Themes include;

  • Leadership Style and Flex
  • Leading Change
  • Leading a High Performing Team
  • Thinking Strategically
  • Influencing Organisational Culture Change
  • Personal Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Influence & Negotiations

Coaching and Mentoring Structured Programmes


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Qualified Coaching Panel

A fully managed coaching panel for organisations seeking to support the development of individual employees through one to one coaching. We provide you with a panel of highly skilled coaches, session plan recommendations, a wide range of psychometrics, a process for coach coachee selection, budget management, clear methods for reporting and measuring impact. Find out more.


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Internal Mentors Academy

Are you seeking to leverage your existing talent? We can help you put the structures in place to achieve sustainable, cost-effective development of transferable skills throughout your organisation. You will get a process for selecting and training the right Mentors and Mentees, a staff communication strategy, clear processes for Mentor-Mentee matching and comprehensive methods for evaluation. Find out more.


Contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will make a recommendation on what support structures may best suit the desired outcomes.

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