Leadership and Management Development Programme

This is a seven-module leadership and management development programme. Learning is achieved through practical examples and exercises, reflecting live work challenges, that can be easily integrated into participants workplace context.

The programme covers 30 leadership and management competence, across 6 key areasDiversity Business People Leadership Management Discussion Team Concept

Leadership Competencies

  • Strategic and Creative Thinking
  • Leading and Deciding
  • Developing and Changing

Management Competencies

  • Implementing and Improving
  • Communicating and Presenting
  • Relating and Supporting


The programme incorporates a competency-based psychometric that sets a clear benchmark for development, written assignments as part of the evaluation methodology, and One2One coaching to support learning. Each module will require one full day, on or off-site, spaced 3-4 weeks apart to ensure time for reflection and learning integration assignments, whilst keeping momentum on development.

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