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As a result of or the need for change, people in business are often faced with having to solve problems in new ways that outstretch their existing skills and experiences. Workshops and custom programmes are an effective way of achieving focused results, by concentrating participants efforts and learning.  With the help of a skilled facilitator, participants are able to share their individual knowledge, experiences, and expertise in order to solve business issues, generate ideas, improve knowledge and build practical skills.

Our commercial, operational and coaching experience, enables us to provide you with programmes that are practical in focus, deliver high impact and are easy to implement.

The Benefits

The areas in which organisations typically seek to make an impact through workshops and custom programmes are;

  • Developing skills for more effective problem solving
  • Re-enforcing desired behaviours associated with high performance
  • Developing high potential individuals and strengthening the leadership bench
  • Increasing innovation and creativity
  • Improving communication and team capabilities
  • An increased sense of accountability to self and others through the sharing of milestones
  • Supporting emerging talent and developing new skills for an evolving workplace

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise will add value where a higher degree of expert involvement or knowledge is required in order to close skills gaps of individuals and/ or the group. Our experience will also be reflected in the quality and appropriateness of the materials dedicated to the workshop or meeting. With an understating of the theme and objectives, we will propose a core structure for your consideration, which can then be customised in collaboration with you, to ensure it meets your specific needs. Our areas of expertise include;

  • Strategy & Innovation
  • Goal Setting & Motivation
  • Management & Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Personal Productivity & Effectiveness
  • Communication & Relationships
  • Influence & Negotiations

A Process of Co-Creation

Each programme is customised to deliver on the specific needs of the organisation, taking into account your workforce dynamics, available resources and procedures. Each programme follows these principles:

  • Evaluation of programme objectives
  • Co-creation of programme structure and delivery
  • Focus on establishing processes for long-term sustainability
  • Ensure clear benchmarks and methods of measuring outcomes are in place

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will make a recommendation on what support structures may best suit the desired outcomes. The period of time needed to deliver results depends on the complexity of the theme and objectives of the group. As a guide, the average fee for a half day workshop is €900 for up to 12 participants. This fee will vary depending on the level of customisation and resources required.

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