Internal Mentors Academy

IMA Logo-01IMA programme is designed to leverage your existing talent pool by sharing transferable skills, experience and subject matter expertise across the organisation. It enables you to increase the strength of your leadership bench, in an economic manner, by allowing mentees to build on their skills through an organisation that cultivates a culture of collaborative learning.

Mentor preparation and training focuses on three key aspects of mentor development;

Coaching Skills: This gives a foundation of non-directive mentoring, ensuring that Mentors do not take ownership of the Mentee developmental needs.

Mentoring Skills: This provides Mentors with the tools for supporting a Mentee’s learning and clear processes for measurement and evaluation.

Personal Skills: Training is supported by experiential learning via a one to one coaching plan. This allows mentors to experience first-hand the process of receiving non-directive support. It also allows Mentors to address any personal or professional developmental goals that are likely to emerge.

Internal Mentors Academy Key Service Deliverables

  • Creates a culture of innovation & collaboration
  • Empowers employees at all levels
  • Focuses on non-hierarchical skills transfer.
  • Maximises talent development & cross functioning
  • Is a re-generative and sustainable internal resource

Customisation & Implementations

The implementation of your IMA is a staged process with clearly defined activities designed to ensure that your organisation maximises its investment. The stages described here are high level, and will be refined when we have the opportunity of meeting with key stakeholders to discuss your specific requirements.

  1. Ensuring that clear benchmarks and methods for measuring results are in place, in order to enable continuous improvement
  2. Creating a process for Mentor pool selection and communication
  3. Ensuring Mentors have the specific skills, tools and processes to self-manage their Mentor/ Mentee relationships
  4. Working closely with HR to ensure that you have a process for on-going programme management and a clear employee communication strategy

Contact us to find out more or to discuss how you believe an internal mentors programme may add value to your employee development and support structures.

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