One to One Coaching

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Many clients seek coaching during times of change, in order to get non judgmental support that produces their best thinking and decision making. Coaching is typically a short-term intervention designed to give an individual the support needed to achieve the next level of self mastery and/or a specific goal. The process of coaching is generally future focused and provides an ideal thinking environment for receiving unbiased feedback, reflection and planning.

Our coaches will partner as an equal with you in your personal and professional development, creating the environment needed for you to find the clarity and appropriate solutions to meet your current and future needs.

Needs Addressed through Coaching

What to expect when engaging with a professional coach: Professional coaching works with and is focused on the behaviours, values, and beliefs that an individual or team uses to form their view of the world and how they respond to it. Some typical coaching interventions, and areas of development satisfied through coaching include;

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Improvement
  • Enhancing Communication & Relationships
  • Career Development or Transitioning
  • Interview Preparation

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Lead Coaching
  • Project Team Preparation
  • On-Boarding or Outplacement Coaching


Finding the right coach is important, for this reason, we would always recommend having a brief ‘Chemistry’ session with a prospective coach before engaging. When you have chosen your coach, the practice is for them to contract with you around matters like roles and responsibilities, confidentiality and the overall process they follow.  If you are interested in speaking to one of our coaches about your needs, have a look at our Team page and contact us to arrange introductions.

The Role of the Coach

  • Establish a clear understanding of roles, boundaries and confidentiality
  • Have the skills and tools available to facilitate your learning, development and goal attainment, adapting his or her coaching style to your unique needs
  • Use listening and questioning skills to help you increase your awareness and make more conscious choices
  • Allow you the space to find the most appropriate solutions – not only for the presenting topic but for the ‘habit of mind’ that may be blocking you
  • Know how and when to challenge the your perspective in order to generate more positive alternatives
  • Give feedback – in the moment to help you identify and reflect on hidden behaviours or habits of thought that may be blocking your effectiveness
  • Move at your  pace and to your agenda, allowing you to act in a self-directive manner
  • Help you develop an action plan, structured to ensure that you will achieve your desired objectives
  • Provide you with session notes, additional resources such as reading materials and/or book references to support your development, where relevant

Coaching Plans

One to one session plans are typically four to six, ninety minute sessions. Each session is spaced approximately two to three weeks apart in order to allow time for reflection and new skills practice. Psychometric evaluations can be used, depending on your development needs and coaching objectives, in order to gain greater insights into yourself. Commonly used psychometrics include those that gauge emotional intelligence, personality traits, and work styles. The cost of coaching ranges between €250 to €500 per session, depending on the specific scope of your requirements. We offer concessions for those seeking to engage in coaching on a private basis.

Contact us to arrange a preliminary consultation.

Are you interested in exploring team coaching? If you are an organisations seeking to implement professional coaching services to meet the needs of individual employees, Distinctions operate a Qualified Coaching Panel which offers a fully managed coaching service.

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