Org. Strategy and Structure

Organisational Development

Our organisational development (OD) services help organisations ensure their structure and work pratices are fit for purpose. In general terms, this includes the alignment of strategic goals, people and processes.


  • A sustainable structure and processes that will deliver competitive advantage
  • The right people, in the right place, focused on the right things
  • A clear plan for how you will continue to build org. capabilities
  • A culture that reflects your vision and mission

Example of Recent Project

Designed a new leadership and management structure for an organisation following a significant expansion, which had increased the complexity of work practices. This included a broader organisational effectiveness audit, an assessment and CPD plan for building leadership capabilities, and recommendations for introducing new technology and methodologies for monitoring and evaluating results.

Our Process

Our methods are tailored to each project, taking into account and leveraging the organisation’s internal skills, experience and resources in order to get cost effective results.

Step 1 – Scope out key objectives and carry out any investigations needed

Step 2 – Make preliminary recommendations

Step 3 – Agree practical deliverables, methodologies, time scales and fee structure

Step 4 – Design an implementation plan and supports required

This process ensures that time and resources are used to greatest effect and that they are focused on the most appropriate solution(s). You have full control, at each phase of the engagement.

Contact us to discuss your specific organisational development needs and objectives. As part of this process, we will offer you a 30 minute free consultation in order to enable you to make an informed decision.

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