Team Development

Team Coaching and DevelopmentTeam development is an investment that not only impacts the immediate team, it creates a ripple effect that will add value to all business units that engage with it.

Focused team development engagements are typically between two to six, three hour team sessions. These team session are ideally complimented by some degree of one to one coaching, and can include the use of appropriate psychometric tools such as Belbin, Strength Finder and assessments like Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions. For more holistic team development, we recommend you look at our structured Systemic Team Coaching programme.

Our STC programme is designed to deliver sustainable, measurable results by aligning the organisation’s strategic objectives and stakeholder responsibilities with a healthy team relationship dynamic, clear goals and drive for high performance.

STCLOGO-1-01Systemic Team Coaching Key Service Deliverables

• Clarity of purpose
• Maximised team potential
• Engaged, motivated team
• Positive ripple effect on broader organisation

To achieve this, we will conduct a needs analysis at an organisation and team level. This includes understanding the external and internal factors impacting the team, defining how success will be measured and benchmarking existing performance. We utilise a number of techniques to ensure that all stakeholders understand and are fully engaged in the process.

Typically, the team development programme includes a combination of group and one to one coaching interventions. When customising the programme, we will ensure that the team coaching sponsor is fully briefed and involved in the design and planning.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and we will make a recommendation on what may best suit your desired outcomes.

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